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A Range of Options to Satisfy your Needs

Elite Collateral Recovery- large enough to serve you, small enough to care!
— Iraide Pineiro, C.E.O

Involuntary repossession

If your customer has failed to make timely payments on your asset, you may try to recoup your financial loss by  taking the asset back into your possession involuntarily from your customer. Trust Elite Collateral Recovery to execute your involuntary repossessions professionally, discreetly and with attention to the full letter of the law. We are trained in FDCPA and GLBA among others and are fully compliant, bonded and insured, with our credentials vetted via Vendor Transparency Solutions. 


Located less than 10 miles from New York City, and within 5 miles of major thorofares and highways,  Elite NJ has quick access to the entire state of New Jersey and the five boros of New York. They are located in close proximity to Adessa NJ and Manheim NJ.

Elite Fl. is located in close proximity to Manheim Palm Beach, and Manheim Orlando, and cover a 50 mile radius from Port St, Lucie. Ask about how we can quickly transport your collateral to the nearest auction of your choosing

Voluntary Repossession

A voluntary repossession, as the name suggests, occurs when your customer opts to voluntarily turn a vehicle or asset back over to a dealership or lender of their own volition. Let us handle the pickup and delivery of your collateral ensuring that its recovery and remarketing are handled safely and efficiently. 


We have highly-skilled locksmiths on staff to provide key making and programming services for all kinds of vehicles. We capable of making:
Transponder Keys
Laser Cut Keys
Push Start / Smart Key Fobs

Field Visit

Field calls can be an efficient and cost effective way to update your customers details or simply verify additional information.

Working within our clients instructions Elite Collateral Recovery field agents can:

  • Verify current contact details
  • Obtain and update current residential and employment details
  • Determine reason for non payment
  • Provide a detailed condition report of your asset including photographs, and/or current registration and insurance details (if required)